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Le management créatif des systèmes complexes

Tous entrepreneurs ? 

Le capital savoir de l’entreprise


« Développez votre créativité. Alternance, création d’entreprise par les jeunes diplômés, insertion professionnelle » 

Journée d’étude du Master management de l’innovation 

Friday, February 14, 2020

Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale

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Watch the video « Le potentiel de ressources de l’entrepreneur de l’entrepreneur et le carré organique de la création de l’entreprise » créée par les étudiants du master Management de l’Innovation

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Options stratégiques et systèmes complexes d’innovation

Collection: Market & Organizations n° 39

Editor : L’Harmattan

Propriété intellectuelle et stratégies d’innovation

Technology and Innovation

Volume 5 – Coordinated by Marc Baudry et Béatrice Dumont

Editor : ISTE – OpenScience

Management conjoint de la technologie et de la personne

Collection : L’esprit économique

Serie : Économie et Innovation

Editor : L’Harmattan

Ethics in Business Communication. New Challenges in the Digital World

Authors: Veronica Gonzalez Araujo, Roberto Carlos Álvarez Delgado and Ángel Sancho Rodríguez

Collection : Business and Innovation

Editor : Peter Lang

Entrepreneuriat et développement

Author: Sonia Ben Slimane et Hatem M’henni

Collection : Smart Innovation – Volume 25

Editor : ISTE

Systèmes duaux d’innovation

Author: François-Xavier Meunier

Collection : Smart Innovation – Volume 24

Editor : ISTE

L’innovation collaborative. Approches internationales

Author: Victor Dos Santos

Collection : Smart Innovation – Volume 23

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

L’innovation collaborative. Approches internationales

Author: Victor Dos Santos

Collection : Smart Innovation – Volume 23

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

L’innovation collaborative. Approches internationales

Journal : Innovations – 2020/2 (N° 62)

Editor : De Boeck Supérieur

Innovation Trends in the Space Industry

Author: Victor Dos Santos Paulino

Collection : Smart Innovation SET – Volume 25

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

La santé connectée.  Nouvelles technologies et réorganisation des soins

Collection: Market & Organizations n° 38

Editor : L’Harmattan

Politiques et modèles d’innovation en Afrique

Technology and Innovation

Volume 5 – Coordinated by Ludovic Temple & Vanessa Casadella

Editor : ISTE – OpenScience

Knowledge Management in Innovative Companies 2

Author: Pierre Saulais et Jean-Louis Ermine

Collection : Smart Innovation SET – Volume 27

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

Sustainable Productive System

Author: Clémont Morlat

Collection : Smart Innovation SET – Volume 26

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

Le projet spatial européen, entre pragmatisme et imagination

Collection : L’esprit économique

Serie : Économie et Innovation

Editor : L’Harmattan

Espaces de travail créatif

Journal: Innovations – 2020/1 (N° 61)

Editor: De Boeck Supérieur

Rethinking luxury business

Collection: Market & Organizations n° 37

Editor : L’Harmattan

Innovation Trends in the Space Industry

Author: Victor Dos Santos Paulino

Collection : Smart Innovation SET – Volume 25

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

Économie sociale et solidaire ? Modèles d’innovation et modes de gouvernance

Collection: Market & Organizations n° 36

Editor : L’Harmattan

World Industrialization

Author: Michel Vigezzi

Collection : Smart Innovation SET – Volume 24

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

Knowledge Management in Innovative Companies 1

Authors: Pierre Saulais, Jean-Louis Ermine

Collection : Smart Innovation SET – Volume 23

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

Inventions et histoire des techniques

Technology and Innovation

Volume 4 – Coordinated by Cédric Perrin

Editor : ISTE – OpenScience

Innovation Variety in the Healthcare Sector

Journal: Innovations – Volume 30 – 2019/3

Editor: De Boeck Supérieur

La santé. Innovations de la modernisation

Journal: Innovations – 2019/3 (N° 60)

Editor: De Boeck Supérieur

Information, Knowledge and Agile Creativity

Authors : Stéphane Goria, Pierre Humbert, Benoît Roussel, University of Lorraine, France

Collection : Smart Innovation SET – Volume 22

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

Innovation and Creativity in SMEs

Authors : Claudine Gay et Bérangère L. Szostak

Collection : Smart Innovation SET

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

L’éthique dans la finance – Les banques genevoises à l’épreuve des faits

Collection : Business and Innovation

Editor : Peter Lang

Science fiction et conception de l’innovation

Technology and Innovation

Volume 4 – Coordinated by Dimitri Uzunidis

Editor : ISTE – OpenScience

Dynamiques de la co-innovation

Romaric Servajean-Hilst,

Collection : Smart Innovation – Volume 22

Editor : ISTE

Le champ économique de la culture

Collection: Market & Organizations n° 35

Editor : L’Harmattan

Innovation and Finance

Journal: Innovations – Volume 29 – 2019/2

Editor: De Boeck Supérieur

Disruptive Technology and Defence Innovation Ecosystems

Directed by Pierre Barbaroux

Collection : Innovation in Engineering and Technology

Editor: ISTE/Wiley

L’innovation responsable

Journal: Innovations – 2019/1 (N° 58)

Editor: De Boeck Supérieur

Libéralisme et protectionnisme Economie politique des relations internationales

Edited by : André Tiran & Dimitri Uzunidis

Editor: Peter Lang


Regards croisés des acteurs clés

Directed by Blandine Laperche, Marcos Lima, Eric Seulliet et Brigitte Trousse

Collection: L’esprit économique

Series: Economie et Innovation

Editor: L’Harmattan

Just published on the Lab.RII’s website

Working papers

N°312 : The role of ports in the circular economy. Construction of a scoreboard of indicators

N°311 : Industrial Ecology, Eco-Innovative Milieu and Diversification of the Territorial Economy: the Case of Dunkirk


Innov.Doc, the newsletter of Lab.RII

Last issue: N°72, September 2020

Market and Organisations

Special issue of Market and Organizations

Title:  Social and solidarity economy, governance and social inclusion

  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: 01 October 2019

Title : Impact of Digital technologies on Health Systems

  • Deadline for submitting your abstract: 30 april 2019

Title : Networks of Innovation: a Multi-conceptualization of Business Strategies

  • Deadline for submitting your abstract: 15 april 2019

Commercialisation of research

New : on the commercialisation of research. Interview of D. Uzunidis mitimag6.pdf

New working papers

N°310 : Digital technologies as a support for innovation in the internal communication of large companies: cohesion and change management, Soraya MEHANI

N°309 Towards agile organization: challenges for nonprofit organizations and their employees. The case of entreprendre ensemble ‘the process EENNO’”, Meryem AKESBI

N°308 The scientific entrepreneur before the theory: Historical elements of analysis, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Zeting LIU

N°307 Industrial ecology and diversification of industrial territories: the « eco-innovative milieu », Fedoua KASMI

N°306 Venture capitalist and the innovative firm in regional innovative systems: French competitive clusters as a case study, Hélène PERRIN BOULONNE

N°305 Craft-entrepreneurs, knowledge and social resources in a « poor entrepreneurial territory »: Case study of a region of heavy industry, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N°304 Business climate and the question of the development of the entrepreneurship in the Great lakes countires: obstacles and opportunities, Happy Donatha TUYIZERE

N°303 The role of the network dynamics in the emergence of new proximity local models: The « territorial clusters of innovation » policy in Russia, Guillem ACHERMANN

N°302 Can industrial symbiosis be a « sustainable » innovative milieu, Fedoua KASMI

N°301 The plural forms of social innovation. Entreprendre Ensemble (EEDK) Association analysis case, Meryem AKESBI

N°300 3D printer at school, Serge Le Roux

N°299 Competitive specialization of Gabon’s economy. The pivotal role of engineering, Emmanuel MOUSSONE, Prosper METOUGUE NANG

N°298 Silver economy and technological change, Blandine LAPERCHE

N°297 How MNC’s capabilities to build international innovation networks impact their innovation strategies: An emphasis on the South, Hammady Ahmed DINE RABEH

N°296 The major stages of the economic analysis of the territory, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N°295 Entrepreneurship and geront’innovations: the case of welfare robotics, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N°294 Connected objects, start-up development and impacts on the evolution of home automation, Morand MULLET

N°293 Products innovation in bio-based chemistry as a subtitute to plastics, Manon JUBIEN

N°292 The Chinese market as an opportunity of development for the French agro-food sector, Rodolphe VAN RESPAILLE

N°291 The use of wood in green building: a complementary and/or a substituable material for reducing the environmental impact of buildings, Maxime DULIEU

N°290 Implementing ERP. An analysis of the technical and organizational impacts on the performances of industrial companies, Franck LOCHET

N°289 Guyancourt technocentre’s contribution to strengthening Renault’s innovation capacity, Ismail ELHSSANI

N°288 3D printing as a means of changes in production processes, Saïd BOUGOUR

N°287 Development of solar energy in rural areas of Senegal, Mamadou KEBE

N°286 Industrialization and sustainability of the wood industry in Cameroon, Antoine MAHAILLET

N°285 The triple helix model applied to the territory: issue, limits and integration of new explanatory variables, Guillem ACHERMANN

N°284 Industrial ecology and sustainable territorial development: The role of services, Blandine LAPERCHE, Antje BURMEISTER, Céline MERLIN-BROGNIART, Fédoua KASMI

N°283 Sustainable entrepreneurial territory. Theoretical bases and economic analysis, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Dimitri UZUNIDIS