Presentation of the team

Morlat Clément

Member associate

Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation – 4 rue Aubry Le Boucher, 75004 Paris


Research theme(s)

My research is in the field of ecological and social economy. More specifically, it concerns the design of methods and tools (for contribution, deliberation, evaluation and accounting) that allow bridges to be built between the analysis of value by the actors of a territory (qualification and quantification of what counts for the inhabitants, companies, associations, communities, etc.) involved in innovative arrangements (circular economy and functionality in particular), and the analysis of the value attributed to these new arrangements as it can be represented at a more meso or macro level in a political economy approach (for example by the public authorities that mobilise national accounting). This research attempts to articulate not only different scales of analysis, but also different representations of value (monetary but also non-monetary) in order to support the multi-actor dynamics of common governance favourable to the sustainable development of territories.


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