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Linkages with industry

« Academic competences for enterprises »

Academic Research and Economic Studies (RUEE)
The Center « Academic Research and Economic Studies » (RUEE) is an integrated structure within Laboratoire Redéploiement Industriel et Innovation, which associates researchers and professionals, aiming at creating a link between the academic world and economic actors.

As a center of research valorization, RUEE proposes to help innovation and strategic watch, by service prestations and interventions concerning :

  • a support for enterprise innovation strategies ;
  • market and investment studies ;
  • risk evaluation of foreign markets ;
  • development of environmental projects ;
  • comparative studies over labour organisation and training ;

a help for the creation and transfer of enterprise.

Project Leader
Serge Le Roux



During start-up, early stage development and further, young companies have crucial needs for good management, assistance and coaching. Since the entrepreneur doesn’t always have the time or the academic backgrounds to perform adequately, the need for external assistance becomes crucial.
Here, RUEE’s vocation is to share its vast entrepreneurship knowledge with the emerging company.

Innovation and R&D management

Innovation is both crucial to guaranty the company’s development and complex to manage properly : managerial and technical know-how must indeed meet, which, given the possible gap between, might be very hard to reach.
Due to its wide fetched academic experience in the field of innovation management, RUEE is an appealing partner for safe business guidance in these fields.

SME Internationalisation

General business globalisation, EU enlargement, technical progress in communications technology opens vast international challenges not only for large firms.
SME must not be excluded from this development; exclusion would definitely condemn them to position exclusively on the necessarily limited proximity business.
The reasons why SME might be interested to go internationally are plentiful: access interesting manpower, consumer markets, tax environments, joint ventures, etc.
Based on its substantial experience in the field of SME internationalisation processes, RUEE represents a qualified partner with high added value for the SME.

The entrepreneurial city: theoretical analysis and case studies

This research program is divided in three themes:
1. the entrepreneurial city: state of the art
2. case study in Dunkirk (North – France)
3. comparison with other cities in France or in other European countries

scientific responsible: Sophie Boutillier