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Research themes

Economic theory postulates, in the filiation of Jean-Baptiste Say and Joseph Schumpeter, that venture creation requires the heroic action of a specific category of economic agents: the entrepreneurs. This is why entrepreneurship studies form a large part of our research, even if we try to catch both micro- and macroeconomic phenomena.

Thus it is important to understand the nature of State intervention in the dynamics of productive system. Its action is indeed crucial, particularly through public investments, subsidies or public research and development.

The economics of innovation constitutes an important field to explore the impacts of State intervention within economy, as well as action of local authorities and entrepreneurs. The creation of new mechanisms, like venture capital, gives the opportunity for capitalism to adapt and renew itself, as the globalization process does.

Located in a heavy-industry and restructuring region, the research unit on Industry and Innovation (Lab.RII) aims at understanding the transformations of the maritime industrial complex in Dunkirk and its renewal in a long-term perspective based on green clusters policies.

We focus on two main axes:

– Entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development

– Entrepreneurship and innovative milieus