RII’s Working Papers


N°246:  The entrepreneur and the Say law : profits are payed in advance, Marian Wielezynski

N°245: Are non profit entreprises like the others? The example of Mandragon anf Euresa. Analysis based on the tools of the theory of the firm, Nathalie FERREIRA, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N° 244 : The creation of very small firms, territory and social relationships. Investigation in the region of Nord Pas de Calais (France), Sophie BOUTILLIER, Godefroy KIZABA

N 243 : The birth of the concept of Naoukograd in Russia, Guillem ACHERMANN

N 242 : Entrepreneurs and territories reconstruction. The case of the indusrial and port milieu of Dunkerque (North of France), Sophie BOUTILLIER, Blandine LAPERCHE, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N 241 : Historical entrepreneurs in luxury industry. Gabriel Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Helena Rubinstein et Nicole-Barbe Clicquot-Ponsardin,  Sophie BOUTILLIER, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N 240: Technological diffusion and the labour-demand by skill. The case of Tunisian manufacturing industries, Sami SAAFI, Fouzi SBOUI

N 239 :  Opportunities of foreign direct investments in Gabon, Pierre Daniel INDJENDJE NDALA, Emmanuel MOUSSONE

N 238 : SME/SMI in Algeria: inventory of fixtures, Samia GHARBI

N 237 : From managing informational asymmetries towards a systemic asymmetries approach in technology transfer: A critique based on the SME strategy at ONERA – The French aerospace LabTM, Florin PAUN, Nick VON TUNZELMANN, Philippe RICHARD

N 236 : Principles of the new mercantilism and the crisis of the global economy, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N 235 :  Economic transition and local system of production: A theoretical approach, Maria LOREK

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