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Working papers

N°310 : Digital technologies as a support for innovation in the internal communication of large companies: cohesion and change management, Soraya MEHANI

N°309 Towards agile organization: challenges for nonprofit organizations and their employees. The case of entreprendre ensemble ‘the process EENNO’”, Meryem AKESBI

N°308 The scientific entrepreneur before the theory: Historical elements of analysis, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Zeting LIU

N°307 Industrial ecology and diversification of industrial territories: the « eco-innovative milieu », Fedoua KASMI

N°306 Venture capitalist and the innovative firm in regional innovative systems: French competitive clusters as a case study, Hélène PERRIN BOULONNE

N°305 Craft-entrepreneurs, knowledge and social resources in a « poor entrepreneurial territory »: Case study of a region of heavy industry, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N°304 Business climate and the question of the development of the entrepreneurship in the Great lakes countires: obstacles and opportunities, Happy Donatha TUYIZERE

N°303 The role of the network dynamics in the emergence of new proximity local models: The « territorial clusters of innovation » policy in Russia, Guillem ACHERMANN

N°302 Can industrial symbiosis be a « sustainable » innovative milieu, Fedoua KASMI

N°301 The plural forms of social innovation. Entreprendre Ensemble (EEDK) Association analysis case, Meryem AKESBI

N°300 3D printer at school, Serge Le Roux

N°299 Competitive specialization of Gabon’s economy. The pivotal role of engineering, Emmanuel MOUSSONE, Prosper METOUGUE NANG


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