Cedes/Rii’s Working Papers


Doc 62 : International public service and sustainable development, Pierre LE

Doc 61: Human and sustainable dynamics of regions : a proposal of indicators, Gilles CAIRE, Romuald DUPUY, Eliane JAHAN

Doc 60 : Internationalisation of innovation by multinational enterprises and international division of innovation work, Romuald DUPUY, Pierre LE MASNE

Doc 59 : Forms and practices of basic democracy in the banks of the social economy sector, Gilles CAIRE

Doc 58 : The Economic Table of Dupont de Nemours: A complement to rural philosophy on the corn policy and capital accumulation, Romuald DUPUY

Doc 57 : Complexity, tensions et wealth of the governance of enterprises of the social economy sector, Patrice BRACONNIER, Gilles CAIRE

Doc 56 : Strategies of management of major innovation. The example of IBM and Microsoft, Alain BATSALE


Doc 55 : A socio-statistical profile of the « Champions of the world » of holidays, Gilles CAIRE

Doc 54 : The French and the holidays at the countryside, Gilles CAIRE, Sophie NIVOIX

Doc 53 : Google Chrome: a Schumpeterian browser, Alain BATSALE 

Doc 52 : The medicine: to the service of whom? Eliane JAHAN

Doc 51 :  Public services, international public services and development, Pierre LE MASNE

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