RII’s Working Papers


N 169: Globalisation, Governance and Competitive Territories, Hassan ZAOUAL

N 168: The Socialist Economic Experiences of Transition. Uncompleted Analysis, Eric Thosun MANDRARA

N 167: The Autonomy of Will Principle and the Requirements of the Competition Law in Europe, Valerius M. CIUCA

N 166: CSR in small and medium sized companies. Comparative survey conducted in Germany, France and Poland, Violetta EICHHOLZ, Blandine LAPERCHE and Ewa WARECKA

N 165: Clusters and Regional Development: The Case of the Puget Sound Region (USA), Paul SOMMERS

N 164: Jus Naturae et gentium. The Roman Foundations of the International Law, Valerius CIUCA, Aurora CIUCA

N 163: The transfer of identification from the invited trademark to the host trademark in trademark alliances, Pierre GHEWY, Laurent SIE, Marie-hélène ABBO

N 162: Corporate Social Responsability among SMEs. Case Studies, Nathalie FERREIRA, Blandine LAPERCHE

N 161: The Knowledge Society: a new Approach of the Economy, Marc LUICKX GHISI

N 160: Is Social Economy an Opportunity for Innovation, Nathalie FERREIRA

N 159: Supply Chain Network: Trust and Practical Approaches to long term success, Godefroy KIZABA

N 158: The Small Enterprise in the Launching Phase: Choice of Accompaniement, Mohamed Badi MELIANI

N 157: Social, Economic and Political Impacts of Money Laundering, Eric VERNIER

N 156: The attitude Towards Communication on Brand Consumption: the Dove’s Brand Case, Pierre GHEWY

N 155: Notable Characteristics of the Tunisian System of Innovation, Sami SAAFI

N 154: Public Policy and business creation. A contemporary analysis of J.M. Keynes’ approach of capitalism, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N 153: Corporate Social Responsability in Medium Enterprises, Maud HERBERT, Blandine LAPERCHE

N 152 : Legal management of Human resources in Central African Republic, Clotaire MOULOUNGUI

N 151: The profitability of websites through e-advertising, Joël MOULHADE

N 150: Information Management in a situation of Crisis. The Responsability of the Media, Philippe NASZALYI

N 149: The economics of entrepreneur. Facts and theories, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N 148: Industrial Property and Biotechnology. An Application to the Plant Kingdom, Philippe CHAGNON

N 147: The Idealtype: an old thought process. attempts of modernatization, Jean-Lin CHAIX, Chrystelle GAUJARD

N 146: The economics of entrepreneur: the entrepreneur deus ex machina of capitalism, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N 145: Assessment of the polluant air emissions caused by the road traffic using the aggregate static assignment models, Noomen GUIRAT

N 144: Innovation and proximity. Enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovative milieu, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N 143: From paternalism to managerialism. Towards corportate social responsability, Henri JORDA

N 142: Managerial Accompaniment and internationalisation of SMEs, Gérard DOKOU

N 141: European Russia. A geopolitical approach of economic stakes, Rémy VOLPI

N 140: Industrial Property Rights and Innovation in China Blandine LAPERCHE

N 139: Culture and negotiation, Patrick AUDEBERT LASROCHAS

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