RII’s Working Papers


N 203: The upgrading program of industry: an efficient means of the tunisian industrial policy?, Lamia YACOUB

N 202: Territory attractiveness and university entrepreneurship. Towards a specific model for young students, Gérard DOKOU

N 201: From the territorial economy to the emergence of an innovative milieu. The case of Gdansk, Maria LOREK

N 200: The Tunisian clothing industry competitiveness. Assets and limits, Iheb FRIJA

N 199: Corporate Social Responsability and profit. For a renewed approach of the enterprise, Blandine LAPERCHE

N 198: Team building and cohesion, Joël MOULHADE

N 197: Social economy and globalisation. The Yoplait case, Lionel BOBOT

N 196: Women entrepreneurs in Dunkerque. A case study achieved in 2006, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N 195: Technological entrepreneur, proximity entrepreneur and traditional entrepreneur. Profiles of entrepreneurs in Dunkerque. Case study in Dunkerque in 2005, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N 194: Between the universality and the contextuality of managerial practices in European countries: hybridization is often the rule, Dorra YAHIAOUI, Hela CHEBBI

N 193: Evolution of business creation in Dunkerque (North of France) between 1993 and 2005, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N 192: Corporate social responsability of craft enterprises. Case study in the Nord/Pas de Calais region (France), Sophie BOUTILLIER, Claude FOURNIER

N 191: Innovation et territorial dynamics. An approach based on the concept of located innovation, Mohamed ECHKOUNDI, Gwenaelle OTANDO

N 190: The Tunisian pharmaceutical sector in transformation: Inventory of fixtures and innovation prospects, Nejla YACOUB

N 189: Innovation strategies of firms in life science and appropriation of vegetal resources, Blandine LAPERCHE

N 188: The fight against money laundering in the insurance sector, Eric VERNIER, Hubert DELVAL

N 187: Citizenship and conscience in Europe, Valerius M. CIUCA, Marc RICHEVAUX, Valérie BAUER

N 186 : Revolutionary situation, early socialism and the logic of history in Russia, Dimitrios S. PATELIS

N 185: Commercial needs and the Political Economy, Eric THOSUN MANDRARA

N 184: The diffusion of technological innovations, employment and the compensation theory, Sami SAAFI

N 183: The effectiveness of judicial cooperation in the struggle against money laundering, Eric VERNIER, Charlotte GAUDIN

N 182: The paradoxes of global thinking, Hassan ZAOUAL

N 181: The political engagement of the italian philosophers at the time of the lights. Cases of Pietro Verri and Cesare Beccaria (1760-1790), Maria G. VITALI-VOLANT

N 180: « Sustainable development » as a new accumulation field, the example of atmospheric pollution, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N 179: Competition in networks and technological incompatibility, Jacques KIAMBU

N 178: Start-up’s idealtype: a synthesis on the organization of work in a changing context, Chrystelle GAUJARD

N 177: Renewal of development theories. Institutions and good governance, Gwenaëlle OTANDO

N 176: Women, family and chinese corporations in Yucatan- Mexico, Beatriz CASTILLA RAMOS, Estele SUAREZ AGUILAR, Beatriz TORRES GONGORA

N 175: Shades and lights on the economy of marocco trajectory and prospects, Hassan ZAOUAL

N 174: Governance. State of the art and conceptual controverses, Cheikh NDIAYE

N 173: For a substitution of the concept of companies societal engagement to the concept of corporate social responsability, Joël MARCQ

N 172: Intellectual property rights: Theoretical aspects and economic impacts, Nejla YACOUB

N 171: Globalisation, employment and multinational corporation, Beatriz CASTILLA RAMOS, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Beatriz TORRES GONGORA

N 170: Mujeres y jovenes: segmentos castigados del mercado de trabajo en la era del conocimiento y del tradbajo decente, Beatriz CASTILLA RAMOS (dir.)

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