RII’s Working Papers


N 234 : Research on the maquiladoras of southern Mexico and Central America: work, gender and identity, Marie-France LABRECQUE,  Beatriz Castilla RAMOS

N 233 : The function of the entrepreneur today. The questionable “entrepreneurial society”, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N 232 : Small businesses in the open innovation dynamics of industrial groups, Blandine LAPERCHE, Gilliane LEFEBVRE

N 231 : Insertion of the African Franc Zone Countries into The Global Trade , Emmanuel MOUSSONE

N 230 : The entrepreneur, elements for a paralell analysis Léon Walras/Joseph Alois Schumpeter, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N 229 : Global governance, good governance and the issue of development, Lamia YACOUB, Gwenaëlle OTANDO, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N 228 : The territorialisation of research and innovation. Orientation, planning and coordination, Blandine LAPERCHE, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N 227 : Small and medium entreprises in Mexico. A contemporary analysis of J.M. Keynes’ approch of capitalism, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Beatriz CASTILLA RAMOS

N 226 : Crafitman. Between history and economic theory, Sophie BOUTILLIER.

N 225 : Industrial crisis and territorial redeployment: Path dependency of economic renewal? The Examples of Dunkerque (France) and Gdansk (Poland), Blandine LAPERCHE, Maria LOREK, Dimitri UZUNIDIS.

N 224 : From management to governance. The endless process of reinventing the wheel, Rémy VOLPI

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